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Midwest tour

It's been a couple of months since we've been out on the road. We really enjoyed touring the midwest this past October and almost completely sold out of our merch. We have hit the hay when we came home but not a whole lot of time to rest as we had to get ready for our show at the State Fair. Had such an epic time especially with our buddy Recker filling in on drums for us. After 2 weeks of tour and a hometown show we have taken some time off for 2019 but we have a show set in January.

We miss the road and cannot wait to get back out there. We miss seeing you all and we will be hitting some new cities and states this year. 

See ya soon!

98 KUPD Playdio winners 2019

With 2019 coming to a close we would like to give thanks to 98 KUPD for the opportunity to have our morning sickness song to be the wake up song every morning, and for playing our winning song My Inheritance randomly throughout the year. With thank you again for everything as these are the first steps we are taking with many more to come. Stay tune.

Also a huge congratulations to our friends Inept Hero for winning this years playdio and will be aired all of 2020.
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