The Forgotten Tour

How's it going guys and gals? Ready for this a special coming for you all. We are about to embark on our Forgotten Tour. Regardless it being a few shows still gives us a great opportunity to meet some new awesome people outside our home town. Also to bring our music out to new ears to enjoy.

To start off we will begin at home and will start off strong then we will make our way to our destination in Hollywood, California at Whisky A Go Go. If you would like to join us on the ride to witness the start of something great feel free to ask. Merch, roadie, etc.

Well peeps this concludes today's broadcast haha hope you enjoyed an looking forward hearing from all of you. Leave us some awesome messages and comments to keep us awake at night while we are on the road.

Much love and respect.

- Marc

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I was there! You guys Rock!

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